How to effectively call a recruiter about a job

Finally you spot an advertised job that you feel is the one. It’s in your industry, it’s the company you have always admired and it’s describing the skills you already have. On top of that the pay and benefits mentioned sound fantastic. After a few hours tinkering with your resume and writing a knock-out cover letter you click “Apply Now” and send it through to the recruiter.

Now what? The excitement and energy you feel as you submit your application quickly turns to a nervy worriedness. What should you do next? Should you call the recruiter to try and make a great impression or should you wait to hear back from them?

My advice is that you should always call the recruiter, however you must thoroughly prepare yourself for the call. Here’s an example of how the majority of calls I receive go from candidates who haven’t prepared themselves:

Me: Welcome to SMAART, James speaking

Candidate: Oh hello, is that James?

Me: Yes, this is James speaking.

Candidate: Oh, ah, hi James…………….

Me: How can I help you?

Candidate: Oh I’ve just applied for your job I’ve seen online.

Me: That’s great. Which one?

Candidate: The sales job.

Me: Sure, I’ve got 8 different sales vacancies at the moment, can you be a bit more specific?

Candidate: Oh ummm… not really, I’ve applied for so many jobs I can’t quite remember which one was yours.

Me: Ok, so was there something you wanted to discuss?

Candidate: Well I was just wanting to tell you I’ve applied and find out more information.

Me: Sure, what would you like to know?

Candidate: Just a bit more about the role………

Me: Was there something specific you wanted to know more about?

Candidate: Ummm I just wanted to know more about the job.

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