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It’s a question I am asked several times a day, “how can I improve my resume?” The answer – make your resume look more like your LinkedIn profile.

When looking at a candidates resume most recruiters will also view their LinkedIn profile. More and more so I’m staying on the LinkedIn page rather than returning to the resume. Here’s why your LinkedIn profile is better than your resume, and what you can do to improve it:

There’s a photo of you. Humans are curious by nature, and by seeing your face it humanises and softens your application. It shows the person behind the resume.

It’s colourful and looks interesting. As well as a photo there are logos and symbols. Most resumes are just black and white, however a company logo provides more instant recognition and looks classy.

LinkedIn profiles provide a more succinct summary. LinkedIn profiles are not as long as a resume, so we get to the point quicker. Key duties, responsibilities and achievements are summarised succinctly without too much wafting.

The layout is great. Name, summary, experience, education, skills and recommendations. It flows well down the page and is easy to read. Everything is spaced well and aligned. This is not by chance, LinkedIn have designed the profile layout this way because it works.

Recommendations. I love these “mini references”. Why not include one or two well-chosen short recommendations at the end of your resume?

It shows me your interests (groups you are in and who you follow). Resumes often include a section including interests outside of work, but not professional interests.

There is no single formula for writing a great resume. Your resume should be fluid and tweaked for every single position that you apply for. It’s important to keep my advice in mind with other advice you have been given.

Agree? Disagree? Love to hear your thoughts below.

James Witcombe

The Candidate Coach

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